Our twin students in Chaibasa

Chaibasa is situated in Jharkhand, which was founded as a state in India in 2001. Jharkhand is one of the poorest states in India with a high unemployment and illiteracy rate.   Many families cannot send their children to school due to the fact that they need their help for field and house work. Especially parents that never attended school do not appreciate the value of education. The low wages are hardly enough for food. In particular for young people the situation is hopeless, because of this they move into the cities where they are mostly exploited due to their low level of qualifications.   A grant is the only chance of attending school and of acquiring a school-leaving qualification for many children.   The grant programme was founded by members of the Indian Forum in 2004. Children of poor families have the opportunity of education, regardless of sex, religion, and caste. Now 50 twin students get a grant. Six of them are sponsored by Tagore-School.  

50 € for one year

are paid for:  
  • school and examination fees,
  • a school uniform,
  • text books, exercise books, pens and
  • a warm meal every day.
  Also, there is a so-called emergency kit in case of urgent medical aid for the scholarship holders.   If somebody wants to support the programme without taking over a permanent sponsorship, they can send a donation to the sponsorship board.


Nikitsch war das erste Patenkind, das ein Stipendium erhielt.


Die Initiatoren des Stipendienprogramms zusammen mit einigen Patenkindern.


Ein neues Patenkind wird in das Stipendienprogramm aufgenommen.

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