Our partner school

The Lutheran Compound was founded in 1972 on the premises of the Protestant Gossner Church in the center of Chaibasa in Jharkhand. On the premises are a girls' primary school, a boys' primary school, a co-education middle school and a high school for boys. About 70% of the students belong to the Adivasi, the native inhabitants of India. There are also Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

History of the partnership

In 2002, Mahatma-Gandhi-School established a school partnership with the Lutheran High-School. Several times students travelled to Chaibasa and organized various projects to enrich the learning and working-conditions. There were also visits of Indian teachers and students here in Berlin. Due to the closure of Mahatma-Gandhi-School in summer 2007 the partnership was passed on to the Tagore-School in 2007. Since then this partnership has enriched our school life with new projects and the sponsorship of the Indian forum.


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