Herzlich Willkommen auf der Aktivitäten-
Seite des Tagore Gymnasiums

Our general principle is:   „We encourage a multifunctional school life, develop and
preserve traditions and maintain different extracurricular
contact.“   Our academic life is characterized by projects which provide our
students the opportunity to engage culturally and socially
according their likings but also to develop their sportive and
scientific talents.   We are very proud of our students who perform self-composed plays,
of our girls` footballteam who won the „DumboCup“ , of our science group who won the prize money of 10.000 € in the „Thyssen-Krupp-AG“ competition and thus filled the coffers of our sponsorship board. Furthermore, our experts of the Robot group taught the computer to play football. That is why our robot was enabled to participate in a RoboCup-Championship and achieved the third place.   Not only these remarkable professional achievements are important, we also support traditions like the ship races. Here, teachers and students run as well as they can to support the Indian twin school and to organize sponsorships for Indian children, who could not attend a school without our support.