Tagorepreisträger unserer Schule

On the occasion of the naming of our school in the 2nd May 2006, the tradition of the award ceremony of the Tagore-prize funded by our sponsorship board was founded. The award honours accomplishments of pupils and teachers who actively contributed to the development of our school. The Tagore-prize is annually handed over at a celebration during the Tagore-week, which usually takes place at the beginning of each year.   Preisträger 2009  
  • Natalja Kasemir
  • Katrin Kirste
  • Justin Jura
  • Herr Dr. Vogt
  Preisträger 2008  
  • Nicolas Rother
  • Nadine Heber
  • Herr Bernd Eichner
  Preisträger 2007  
  • Steven Heckler
  • Carolin Ziemann
  • Frau Ramona Reimann
  Preisträger 2006  
  • Paul Conrad
  • Christiane Schiller
  • Frau Barbara Stuka
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