"Vernissage in the Gallery M"



Art exhibition in the Gallery M

A variety of artworks of our pupils made between 2006 and 2009 were exhibited from the 6th March 2009 to the 27th April 2009 in the Gallery M.


Mrs. Sobanski and the chorus

At the opening of the vernissage the chorus under the direction of Mrs. Sobanski gave musical performances. After the presentation of a school film the many teachers, parents and students view the exhibited artworks.


Mr. Müller views modern artworksv

The guests were obviously impressed by the exhibited paintings and analyzed the deeper meanings. Both the diversity and the selective use of color were particularly singled out. Although not everything opened up to the viewer at first glance, the blaze of colors hanging on the walls was overwhelming. Pride and awe filled increasingly the room. It was noticable that especially the combination of music and art was very liked by the guests. In that way all senses were stimulated.


Mrs. Walter shows some guests artworks according to Lyonel Fininger

Soon these paintings can be seen in the hallways of our school. In this case all students and teachers are invited to stay. No matter whether Art Nouveau, Baroque, Op art, Hundertwasser or portrait painting - Art is our strongest weapon! But you convince yourself and you walk through the hallways of our school.

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